Few inqueries for Church of god members. Please respond.

February 2, 2011
As you know I have been in the church of god for about 7 months. When I was kicked out by the pastor I began to rethink for myself and then ask questions. Here are a few of them:
1 Why was I kicked out?
 2 If a mother has lost her child wouldnt a mother go to the ends of the earth to find her lost child, instead of making her child look for their mother like mother Jerusalem does? For example like Natalie Holloways mom did by looking for her daughter in Aruba.
3 Wouldnt a mother who has abundant monetary funds pay for a plane ticket to Korea for her children instead of making her children pay out of their own pockets?
4 Wouldnt a person get old or die if they were face to face with God like the Bible mentions this happened to some people? Why doesnt this happen when you are face to face with mother jerusalem?
5 Jesus and parts of the old testament mention that if you do something good for someone you should keep it a secret and not tell the whole world. Church of god says and publicizes that they do charity work, community service, giving gifts,etc for and to people. Not that there is anything wrong with helping people. But why do they mention doing great works when the Bible says that one should do it in secret and not tell anyone?
6 Why are certain classes of people not allowed in the church of god? For example handicapped or mentally ill people, people who are in prison or have done crimes.
7 Why does the church of god only preach in places where young people congregate, also why do they preach exclusively in affluent upper middle class neighborhoods and never in poor neighborhoods or prisons?

Church of god World Mission Society (true story of a ex member)

February 2, 2011

I decided to share a true story to everyone about a "church". Hopefully I will not get a lawsuit from this lawsuit happy organization I will be talking about. Anybody that is considering joining any group of any kind please do your research first. You have to look at all sides of the coin first, then study about subjects of everything possible then prepare to do what ever follows afterwards whether it be studying with a group, attending any type of activities or doing anything else,etc. Here ...

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I am a 28 year old Latino. I love to learn about everything there is possibly to know. From the microscopic world of atoms, germs and antimatter to outerspace and what ever might be beyond what we can not comprehend yet but theorize. If you have any questions about anything. Please contact me.

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